The Seven Steps to Success program

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Learn how to:

  • Uncover your life purpose.
  • Discover your highest personal values.
  • Identify your dream job.
  • Build your wealth.
  • Identify your real friends.
  • Appreciate your family.
  • Create a healthy, achievable 12 month life plan.


The Seven Steps to Success program includes:

  • The key knowledge and techniques that lead to success.
  • 7 learning tools to collect your personal information for success.
  • 47 pages of answer sheets to record your success information
  • Sydney, our demonstrator, who shows you every step of the way.
  • 150-page detailed manual to guide you through each step.
  • 31 instructional videos to accelerate your learning.
  • A self evaluation tool to measure you progress.
  • And, a Special Bonus: 50 Truisms to keep you focused mentally on your success.


Upon completion of the Seven Steps to Success you will be able to:

  • State your life purpose.
  • List your highest personal values.
  • Describe your dream job.
  • Manage your wealth.
  • Name your real friends.
  • Love your family.
  • Implement a healthy, achievable 12 month life plan.


  • Success is “consciously following your life purpose with clear attainable goals which serve others and inspire you to appreciate every moment of your life.” (Dr. John F. Demartini)
  • Success is measured seven ways: spiritually,mentally, vocationally, financially, socially, familial and physically. You will get to see your success in these seven areas.
  • Successful people, regardless of their area of success, share common knowledge and techniques which create their success. You will learn this knowledge and these techniques in this program.
  • Successful people have an inspiring purpose statement, a blueprint for their dreams, a list of prioritized action steps, an ability to set clear priorities, a set of tools to neutralize challenges, an awareness of how they fit in their world and an appreciation for themselves, others, and their life!   You will achieve all of these in this program!


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